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   Library Hours・Entry/Exit・Reading



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   Library Hours・Entry/Exit・Reading


Library Hours   Entry/Exit   How to Use Materials in the Library



Library Hours


Regular Schedule
Vacation Schedule

Closed Days: national holidays, Sundays during vacation, Christmas, and summer and winter school holidays. Please refer to the calendar on the homepage for details.







  • You need your student ID card to enter/exit the library.
  • The entrance of the library is on the 2F of the library building.
  • If you attempt to take non-checked out materials from the library, an alarm will sound at the exit gate. Please follow the library staff's instructions.






How to Use Materials in the Library

  • Some library materials are on open stacks (those on the 1〜3 F of the main building), and other materials are on closed stacks.

Open Stack Materials

  • You may freely use books and periodicals from these shelves.
  • After using materials, please return them to the return carts located near the stacks.
  • Closed Stack Materials

  • The library staff will bring these materials to you from the closed stacks.
  • To use closed stack materials, fill out a “Closed Stack Call Slip” and ask at  the counter.
  • You may borrow closed stack materials.
  • Please return the closed stack materials to the counter when you finish using them.
  • Graduation Theses

  • To use a graduation thesis, you must fill out a “Graduation Thesis Call Slip” located on the desk in front of the counter.
  • Please submit a “Graduation Thesis Call Slip” and your student ID card to the counter.The library staff will keep your ID card while you use the graduation thesis. 
  • Only one thesis may be checked out at one time.
  • Please return the graduation thesis to the counter when you finish using it.
  • Xeroxing

  • There are two types of copy machines: ones that use pre-paid cards and ones that take coins.
  • Copy machines in the library are only for copying library materials.
  • Please observe all copyright laws.
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